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Placing Request

Enrolment in Primary and Secondary Schools in Dundee


You can enrol your child between Monday 7 December 2020 and Monday 1 February 2021.  This year, we need to keep visits to schools to a minimum.  Enrolment requests should therefore be made online. You can upload relevant documents within this form. You will need your child’s full birth certificate and some current proof that you live permanently at your address.


Children who are transferring to begin secondary school education on Tuesday 17 August 2021 will be advised of the school to which they will transfer by email or letter in December 2020 of the school in which a place has been reserved for them, based upon where they live. If you are happy with this allocation, then you do not need to do anything else.

Placing requests

Although it is usual for children to attend their local catchment area school, parents/carers have the right to request that their children be placed in a different primary and secondary school. This is called a Placing Request.

All placing requests should be made between Monday 7 December 2020 and Monday 1 February 2021. Any requests made after this date will still be considered, but it is possible that places in certain schools may no longer be available.


To keep visits to schools or to Dundee House to a minimum placing requests for any school should be made online. If you cannot make the request online, you will need to visit Dundee House. Dundee House has moved to an appointment only system. Appointments can be made by emailing (link sends e-mail). Please provide your name, address, contact number, preferred appointment date/time and summary of enquiry or contact Customer Services on 01382 433129 to make an appointment.

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